Phentermine Diet Guide – Look Better Now

Phentermine Diet Guide – Look Better Now

Losing weight is an issue for many people. We have all tried the latest fad diet that promises to get us swimsuit ready before we know it. We have all bought the latest diet pill, which promises to make us lose weight in our sleep. But, very few, if any of these diet methods actually work, leaving us feeling frustrated and discouraged.

What Do We Do Now?

So, if these methods are fruitless, what do we do? We can’t continue to waste money and efforts on every new diet trend that comes our way. This drains our wallets, and most times, is unhealthy, not to mention unrealistic, unless you find cheap phentermine for sale.

Talk to your doctor about phentermine. It can help give you the added support to lose weight and keep it off by developing healthier habits. Phentermine is available by prescription only. When used properly, phentermine is safe and effective.


What is Phentermine?

Phentermine is not a fad “diet pill”. It doesn’t promise to work miracles, or make us lose weight without any effort on our part. Phentermine is a prescription drug, that when used with a reduced calorie diet and exercise, can help us sustain fullness throughout the day. We eat less, and have more energy. As a result, the pounds come off. Phentermine simply gives us the support we need to stick to a healthy diet and produce positive results.

How do I use Phentermine?

Take phentermine as directed by your doctor, usually once per day. It is usually recommended to take phentermine either 1 hour before breakfast, or 2 to 3 hours after. Your doctor will usually advise you not to take phentermine late in the day, as it could negatively affect sleep. Phentermine is not a long term solution, it is meant to be taken for a few weeks to a few months at most. Continued diet and exercise is necessary for further weight loss, and will be monitored by your doctor.

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Is a Special Diet Necessary?

A specific diet is not necessary with this drug, simply a reduced diet. Feel free to follow any diet plan you like. Your doctor can make suggestions about the best foods to eat for best results.

Is this a Quick Fix?

Absolutely not! You will have to make an effort to eat healthy and exercise in order for phentermine to work. It is a support system, giving you the added help that you need to reduce calories. While it is not known exactly how this drug works, it is thought to work by reducing appetite so you can make healthier choices, and helping with the energy needed to be more active.

Will There Be Side Effects?

Side effects such as dizziness, dry mouth, insomnia, and vomiting may happen, in which case call your doctor immediately. Your doctor feels that the benefits of this drug outweigh the risks. However, he or she will closely monitor your usage and progress and it is extremely important to let him or her know exactly how this drug is affecting you.